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Keller Roofing Company

Are You Looking for the Best Roofing Companies?

At Keller roofing company, we understand the effectiveness of providing the best roofing services for our clients. We are rated in Texas as the most trusted roofing company. Our experts have years of experience when it comes to offering roof solutions. We work to ensure all our clients are treated with respect and their needs are delivered. It does not matter the size of the roof, we ensure you feel confident and safe with the roof over your head.

It is important to ensure the durability of your roof. After installing your roof, we do regular maintenance to protect your premises from roof problems that occur over time. We are familiar with all roofing options and designs and our professionals will give you advice on the best roof to choose.



Under residential roofing, we do roofs not only for homes but for garages and any onsite residential structures. Having professionals install and maintain your home’s roof helps prolong its life span as well as improving the value of your home. By ensuring shingles, roof flashing, and your roof plane are in good condition, your safety is guaranteed since water is being kept outside.

At Keller roofing company, we offer so many options for residential roofing to our clients in regards to design, color, and materials. Shingles have been the most popular for residential roofing but over the years, materials such as metal have seen a rise in popularity.


We understand perfectly the needs of our clients, and our experts always conduct proper research on the specific type of commercial roof to be installed before installing a roof for you. We install different types of roofs such as low sloped and flat roofs depending on what our clients require. Although most residential roofs need shingles, many commercial roofs need roof membranes, and more sealants are used for roof protection.


Traditional asphalt shingles for a very long time, have been the top roofing material but composite shingles are now catching up. Composite are good because they create a versatile, durable, and strong roofing shingle. This roof can be added to fiberglass to make it fire-resistant. Contact us for composition roofing and enjoy the long life span the roof will offer.


With time, metal roofing has gained popularity for both residential and commercial roofing because of the various advantages it has. We guarantee 100% durability and it is environmentally friendly. It also comes in a variety of different styles and colors. Therefore, it is the best option if you need your roof to stand out.


It is essential to conduct a regular roof inspection; it does not matter if you are noticing roof problems or not. There are issues that you cannot see with untrained eyes. Contact us for roof inspections to ensure your roof is in good condition and to avoid problems getting out of hand requiring you to do a whole roof replacement.


Contact us in the city of keller tx for all your roofing problems, roofing installation, maintenance, and inspection. Our team of professionals will ensure they deliver what you want thus adding value to your roof and beauty.

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